Stuck in an Elevator

Can’t learning be boring sometimes? We want to try and make learning more fun. If you want to help us, watch this video to learn about how you can. The first reason that you should help us is because there are many kids that don’t like math. If we can make math more fun, more and more kids will want to do it. And, it is important for kids to learn new math skills. We want to come up with a new way to teach these skills. The last reason you should watch our video is because many people say they aren’t good at math. We can make a fun way to teach these skills so that more people can become better at math.


Last day!

The most rewarding part of our project was getting to see the kids having fun while doing math. We could tell that they learned new math skills from us. They also learned how to work as a team or in partners. It was fun to see how exited the kids got about learning. It was good to know that we had accomplished our goal.

This week, we played our last game with the second graders. Next we will need to start working on our speech. In the next couple of weeks we will need to work on our speeches. We will need to go through all of our pictures. We will also need to create a slide show for our presentation.

I am kind of nervous for our speeches. I don’t really like the idea of having to talk about our project in front of a lot of people. To get our speech together, we need to write our speech. We plan on doing this when we get an outline for the speech. We also need to get all of our pictures together and create a slideshow for our presentation.

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Preparing for Speeches!

We have finished playing our games with the second graders. It was a lot of fun to see the kids having fun while learning. They learned new math skills and they also learned how to work as a team and new creative thinking skills. Reagan and I learned a lot of new skills too. We learned how the kids learned best, what skills they already knew, and how to teach them. We also learned how we could actually help the kids and how to be patient with them.

We have already finished all of our project. Our next step is to start our speeches.

If I could change something, I would have tried to make different games. As we were playing the games, we noticed that the kids were all at different levels. We should have made different games for each level. I think the kids would’ve benefited from that more. We tried to make our games different levels by saying different questions, but I still think it would’ve been better to make different games. I am very pretty good about our project.

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All About St. Patrick’s Day!

Patrick’s day is a day to celebrate Saint Patrick. Saint Patrick’s day started out as a religious feast and is now celebrated all over the world. People celebrate Saint Patrick’s day with parades, music, dancing, and the color green. The first Saint Patrick’s day parade was on March 17, 1762 in New York City. On this day, Irish soldiers serving in the military marched through New York City. There has been a Saint Patrick’s day parade in New York City ever since, and there are also hundreds of parades held all over the United States every year.


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This week, we made our second game and played it with the second graders. This time, we decided to make a board game. The students had to pick a paper from the cup that told them if they would have to do addition, subtraction, or multiplication. They then had to pick 2 number cards and do the problem. If they got the problem correct, they would move forward. The second graders had a lot of fun playing the game, and so did we.

Right now, I am feeling pretty good about our project. Our next steps are to finish our elevator pitch and create our next game. To finish our elevator pitch we need to memorize or scripts and film our videos. We will make our next game during the week and play them with the second graders on Thursday.

We plan to work on our elevator pitches this week and next. We will need to film and memorize them. We will also need to make sure we have all of the materials for our game. We then will need to make our game. We plan to play it with the second graders on Thursday since we don’t have school on Friday.

And issue we are having is finding a good time to play and make the games. To do this, we will need to talk with our mentor and we need to plan out when we are going to do everything. We will try to find a good time after school one day to create our games.

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Let’s Make Learning More Fun!

This week for our 20% project, we walked to Mann and played our game with the second graders. Each person had to have a partner, a deck of cards, and a headband. One partner would put on the headband, and put a card on it without seeing it. The other would have to get the deck of cards. The partner without the headband would have to come up with an addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division problem to equal the number on the headband. The person with the headband would then have to solve the problem and figure out the number on their head. The kids had a lot of fun playing the games and we had a lot of fun teaching them.

Next week, we will need to make another game. We will play the game with the second graders the following week. We will also need to get more supplies to make more games. Our idea for this week is to create a board game that shows different ways to multiply numbers. After teaching the second graders, we realized that some of them were still struggling with multiplication. Another thing we need to improve is how long our games are taking. Some of the kids were starting to get bored after playing for a while. We will try to improve this in our next game.

I’m feeling pretty good about our project so far. We have already started playing our games and found our mentor. We know what our next steps are and what we need to accomplish. I’m excited to make more games and come up with more ideas. We hope that when we are done, the second graders will enjoy math and want to learn new things.

20% Project- Week 3

This week we made our first game. We met with our mentor last week, and we talked about different games that we could play and different times that we could come teach. Our goal for next week is to have visited the second graders for the first time and to have played our game. We are feeling pretty good about our project because we are ready to start teaching the kids. Teaching Technology


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20% Project- Week 2

This week we emailed our mentor, and she replied. We also met with her on Tuesday. She told us different games that we will be able to play with her kids, and she told us good times we could come and play the games. One problem that we have run into is finding a time to walk to the elementary school. We can go during school from 12-1 or leave school early and go from 2- 2:45. To fix this problem, we will need to talk with our teachers to make sure that they will be okay with us leaving class early to do our project. So far, I am feeling pretty good about our project.




1/27 Talk to teachers and come up with timeline.
2/3 Have supplies and idea planned and make our first game.
2/10 Walk to mann and play our game with the second graders.
2/17 Make our second game.
2/24 Walk to mann and play our game with the second graders.
3/3 Make our 3rd game
3/10 Walk to mann and play our game with the second graders.
3/17 Make our 4th game.
3/24 Walk to mann and play our game with the second graders.
3/31 Make our 5th game.
4/7 Walk to Mann and play our game with the second graders.
4/14 Make our 6th game.
4/21 Walk to mann and play our game with the second graders.
4/28 TED talk
5/5 TED talk
5/19 TED talk


20% Project- Week 1

For our project, we want to make games and teach younger kids different math skills. This week, we have come up with our idea and stated working on our outline. We need to find a mentor and see how they will help us. We also need to set up a calendar. One problem we have had is coming up with an idea. To fix this problem, we thought of things we like to do. We decided that we would like to make math games. We are very exited to keep working.             Creative Commons License US Department of Education via Compfight

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My favorite holiday is Christmas. I like Christmas because of the weather and spending time with friends and family. Christmas time is my favorite time of year. There are lights, decorations, and music playing everywhere. Everything looks so pretty. The world is better around Christmas.

The first reason I love Christmas is because of the weather. I love snow. You can build snowmen, make snow angels, and go sledding. Also, we have snow days. We get to stay home and play in the snow. And, we don’t have to go to school. I love the weather around Christmas time.

The second reason I love Christmas is because I get to spend time with my friends and family. My family loves to go ice skating, make cookies, watch movies, and put up decorations. My favorite thing to do with my friends is to go sledding. We like to meet up at the biggest hill and race down it. When we’re done, we come inside, drink hot chocolate, and watch Christmas movies. Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Grand Floridian Lobby Vertical

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