This week, we made our second game and played it with the second graders. This time, we decided to make a board game. The students had to pick a paper from the cup that told them if they would have to do addition, subtraction, or multiplication. They then had to pick 2 number cards and do the problem. If they got the problem correct, they would move forward. The second graders had a lot of fun playing the game, and so did we.

Right now, I am feeling pretty good about our project. Our next steps are to finish our elevator pitch and create our next game. To finish our elevator pitch we need to memorize or scripts and film our videos. We will make our next game during the week and play them with the second graders on Thursday.

We plan to work on our elevator pitches this week and next. We will need to film and memorize them. We will also need to make sure we have all of the materials for our game. We then will need to make our game. We plan to play it with the second graders on Thursday since we don’t have school on Friday.

And issue we are having is finding a good time to play and make the games. To do this, we will need to talk with our mentor and we need to plan out when we are going to do everything. We will try to find a good time after school one day to create our games.

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