Stop the Littering!

One thing that I feel passionate about is littering. I think people should start picking up trash and keeping our city clean. When people litter, it can be a health hazard to animals and humans. It can also cause fires, and it costs a lot of money to remove. I think people should stop littering and recycle their garbage. I think we need to put more trash cans around the areas. If we do this, more people will throw away their garbage instead of throwing it on the ground. We can encourage people to use reusable things rather than using so much garbage. Some things I want to do to help are pick up trash in local parks or whenever I see any, throw away my garbage and not throw it on the floor, use more reusable and recyclable things, and encourage others to throw away their garbage. Stop littering!

One thought on “Stop the Littering!

  1. Anisha

    Dear Kate,

    Even I think that we should stop littering otherwise if it becomes too late then we might not have much chances to solve any type of problem.
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